Learn Copywriting in English

If you asked a child 20 years ago what he or she wanted to become after they have grown up, they could name a lot of different jobs: firefighter, truck driver, bank employee, car mechanic, librarian, taxi driver, etc. Which of these, and more professions do you think will still exist in 15 years? And in what quantity?

" The course was highly intensive, but I have learned something that I can use in my future "
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Why this course?

  • You are an entrepreneur, and you want to translate your website into English but don’t want to hire an expensive copywriter ever again.
  • You are looking for a job in which age, origin, housebound etc. are not of any importance, you can start working immediately after this course.
  • I also help you find your first customer.
  • This course can be done online or in groups.

Is writing hard to do?

I teach you how you can write flawlessly in English.

English is a skill. And like any skill, you can learn this. All you need is the following:

  • a well-qualified teacher,
  • the willpower to learn writing,
  • the energy to continue.
  • A bit of creativity and imagination.

** don't work harder, but smarter **

In the following steps, we will start to learn how to write and edit client-attractive content that convinces a customer to press the buy button or visit a website, in short, content that gives you an immediate RESULT, serves your audience and makes you and your customers happy!

There are many tips and tricks I can give you that will help you become a better writer from the start.

"the secrets in this course"

Don’t reinvent the wheel yourself but learn what other copywriters do as well!

In this course, I will explain everything, and I reveal all the secrets that content writers will never tell you. 

I will clarify what copywriters don’t want you to know. 

After following this course, you can get started right away and earn money immediately. And that is not a fairy tale!

You will also learn how to make your content SEO-friendly. Use the right high-quality SEO keywords, and you will be found easier on the internet, and of course, content must be plagiarism-free which is what you learn here too!


who can benefit from this course?

A growing market

The internet is growing, and more and more companies will be selling their products via the internet in the future. That's why you need to jump in now and start learning how to write compelling content in English and start making money right away!

Want to sell abroad

If it is a dream for you to go international and find out if there is a market for your product (s) outside your country, then this is a unique opportunity to try and make a success of it without spending too much money.

For energetic people

This course is very pragmatic. You will learn a lot in a short period, and thus you need some willpower to reach the end. But don't let that stop you from taking this course; we will regularly grab a coffee.

Entry requirements

To complete this course successfully, it would be best if your speaking level of English is at a minimum of B2. If you are not sure what your level exactly is, please contact me via WhatsApp!I can send then some materials to practice before you start the course.

Improve Email contact

Because you will have improved your knowledge of English so hugely, you dare to communicate more and faster and respond to emails because you know that what you write is correct.

After course support

Of course, I support you as much as I can afterwards. I have my support team available seven days per week during the day and via email and WhatsApp. We solve most of the questions within 2 hours.

fall in love with what you have learned!

Don’t think: I am not a writer, and this is not for me!

You may not be a writer, but recognising this system works for you, it will give you so much energy that you can’t stop working. The first part ‘learn to write English without mistakes’ is the hardest part, but then comes the FUN.

In this course, I will explain everything clearly, and I reveal all the secrets that text writers will never tell you. I explain what content writers don’t want you to know. After taking this course, you can start immediately and earn money. And that is not a fairy tale!

Try not to reinvent the wheel yourself, but copy what other text writers do.

Learn their secrets and make money with it!

I’m here to teach you all their tricks.

All within this course.

This course can be done one-on-one via SKYPE, but also in class at various locations.

For more information, please contact me.