teaching english?
you can do it!

Find out more about the specific steps involved in becoming a teacher by navigating through the parts below.

It will also open new doors for you in the futue.

Why teach English?

To help others

A lot of children and teens from many different countries are dying to learn or improve their English, and the problem is there aren’t enough teachers. So, they need you!

You can do it!!

To teach English online or abroad, you must have your TEFL certification. To help you pass the TEFL test, we offer you a 120 hour course in which you learn how to teach English and improve your speaking as well as a great help during the TEFL course which you will need.

No oposiciones needed!!


We do ask that you’re an advanced English speaker before undertaking our course, as this course is all about how to teach English to others. Moreover, a TEFL and a bachelor’s degree in any area is usually all you need to  qualify for English teaching jobs abroad.

Never give up your dreams!

Keep on moving

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Why us?

First of all, we’ll help you to get used to the vocabulary you need to know as a teacher. You also need teaching practice and that’s what our course is all about. We give away all our teaching secrets just for you to get better at it.

Why our course?

Our course is all about furnishing you with exemplary real-life classroom skills, so you can go into the TEFL COURSE with confidence. We teach you in 120 hours how to teach English and all the skills you need to pass the TEFL.

Teaching from home!

A TEFL certification is not just for teachers looking to teach English abroad; it can also be used to teach English online and launch a long-term teaching career from home where you can be your own boss and choose your hours!

Don't put off your dream

Our course is highly intensive as we teach you 8 hours per day, three weeks long, but it really pays-off.  We know you’ll love our methods, our course content and our tutors, and are confident that this is the best investment you can make in yourself. Don’t put off your dream of learning how to become an English teacher; sign up today and we’ll see you soon!

Getting started

Training to become an English teacher is not restricted by age. Whether you’re a school leaver looking for your first job, a graduate who wants to travel the world, an ‘empty nester’ looking for a new challenge, in a wheelchair or a retiree, you can be sure of success as a new English language teacher. We’ll even help you find your first job and will be here to support you thorough your first year of teaching too.



Please, note that this course is very intensive

In just three weeks we’ll show you how to teach English in a way that is effective for your learners, fun for you and will give you the confidence you need to go out and work. At the end of the three-week course, you’ll undertake a practical examination, teaching real students in a classroom setting to demonstrate all that you’ve learned. We’re here to support you every step of the way, so don’t fear the unknown; you’ll be surprised how far you can go in just three weeks.

We’ve designed this course to give you a solid foundation in how to teach English to speakers of other languages. Our course has a strong practical focus which will show you how to conduct English language teaching to get the best from your students. Our courses are attended in person, giving you a greater understanding of how to become an English teacher than any course can offer.

We are starting up this course in different places in the Netherlands.

Why this course?

Have you ever wanted to see the world? Work abroad and visit many countries? Here is your chance! The only thing you need is a TEFL certification. Our course is a pre-course to the TEFL, which gives you a solid foundation in how to explain English in an understandable, engaging manner to get the best from your students. It helps a lot in passing the TEFL. The TEFL does not have an expiry date, so if you ever find yourself out of work, take your TEFL out and start teaching. You will never be out of work, and also, it is not age-related. You can work at any age.

Get Started Today

Before you start the course, we want to invite you for an interview, so we can explain what is going to happen. We want to see you fully prepared at the kick-off of the course. So, please, send us your name and email address, and we’ll get in contact with you soon after!